This site was born out of a problem. My eldest daughter has spent so much time analysing words, sentences and paragraphs at school in preparation for the dreaded SATs that she seemed to have forgotten how to read for pleasure. I wanted a way of encouraging us to read more and to recommend books we’ve read to others, picking up some suggestions for ourselves along the way.

As soon as I began preparing the website a friend suggested we run a regular book club for our kids, both as a social event and a way to inspire everyone to try books we hadn’t come across before. We are planning our first meeting as we speak and, if you are interested, you will be able to pick up some hints and tips about book clubs as we try things out in the coming months.

I’d love it if you could contribute to the site as well – sending me recommendations of children’s books that you and your children have enjoyed, whether they be timeless classics or just published novels.

There will be reviews by me, my kids, their friends and anyone else who wants to join in. we’ll introduce authors, book related events and activities and generally rave about joining the library. We’ll talk about poetry, novels, picture books, non-fiction books and how books translate onto the stage. Can you tell I’m a bit excited?

Here we go then. I’m off to self indulgently read a children’s book.