Little Stars, Jacqueline Wilson; Illustrated by Nic Sharratt

19884194_10154756873697919_8535876954481944517_nAs you may be able to see this was a charity shop treat we brought back from our holiday!

“Hetty and Diamond have run away from the circus and are seeking their fortune elsewhere. They find refuge with a kind old seamstress. When their dreams of the cavalcade come true Hetty is torn between wanting to be a star and needing to look after her friend. Flirty Bertie turns up in the mix and Hetty doesn’t know where her heart lies – him or her beloved foster brother Jem.

I loved the book. It’s gripping and pacey. You never know what’s going to happen next and it’s nice reading a book with familiar characters and back stories. I hope it’s not the end of the Hetty Feather series!”

Tilly, Aged 11



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