Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

Sometimes we all need a hug and without being twee I think this book is exactly that. As I lay reading it I felt wrapped in a blanket and at that moment it was just what I needed.

That’s not to say Sky Song isn’t exciting, it is. Set in an imagined world where three tribes – fur, tusk and feather – used to live and work in harmony, the evil Ice Queen is determined to take it all for her own by stealing the voice of Eska.

I wasn’t a little worried during the prologue which introduced the world of Erkenwald and it’s history. It felt a little rushed and I always get a bit confused by talk of different Gods and their magical powers. Having said that it is important to set the scene but it’s even more important to get on with the story, and Sky Song really does have a good story.

Things I love about this book include the mystery and character of the female protagonist, her relationship with nature and the growing friendship with Flint, a boy inventor who doesn’t really fit into his own tribe. There’s magic, which of course means the author could go where she wanted with the story, as Flint’s inventions can play with reality. It’s a series of exciting adventures the children have to overcome, and of course a mental and emotional journey of change, like all the best books.

img_54731I should also mention just how beautiful this book is. This edition has a tactile snowy scene cover, green page edges and stars covering every page. Beautiful.

I think my youngest, who’s ten, will love this one just as much as I have.

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