Beetle Boy, M. G. Leonard

16422834_10154314863342919_5432049672723414837_oOh my word we loved this book. It was the artwork that caught my eye initially – it’s a beautiful cover with beetles down the page edges. Ideal for a little girl who loves bugs.

This is the story of a boy whose scientist father mysteriously disappears and how he ,and his friends, try to find him, solving the puzzle of intelligent beetles along the way.

I read this book aloud at bedtime and there were so many exciting sections I always wanted to read just one more chapter. The descriptions of the beetles and their skills and abilities makes this book very different from anything else I’ve read – it’s just a really good idea for a story.

It isn’t for a child much younger than 8, probably more like 10 if they are reading it themselves as it is long and a little complex plus it does have quite a bit of peril in it, but that of course makes it all the more exciting.

I’ve seen reviews drawing parallels with Road Dahl. Certainly the author is not afraid to throw in a truly evil character and quite a lot of danger. The baddie is a true baddie – a hateful woman with some very strange characteristics.

I would rather say that this is a really new kind of story. We can’t wait for Beetle Queen to come out. This series has legs. Lots of them.

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