The Great Chocoplot, Chris Callaghan

This is a book that my eight year old encouraged me to read. It’s a loopy story about a world where the Chocolate Apocalyspe (Chocopocalypse) is predicted, which is a pretty frightening concept if you ask me (while I consume three Jaffa cakes with a cup of hot chocolat16422449_10154312195452919_2603462787485345697_oe).

We love adventure stories in our house and this is exactly that. My daughter struggled to get into the book for the first few chapters and I suspect that was because her understanding of Aztec civilisations and the apocalypse in general is a little limited). Once she understood the threat involved she enjoyed the book a lot more and found the second half very engaging.

Personally I’m not as sure about this one (but then at 41 I’m probably not the target market). I did however love the fact that the family is all involved in the story and especially enjoyed the relationship between Jelly the heroine and her gran and the fact that she lives in a Gran-a-van on the drive.

I would recommend you keep your chocolate close to your chest since you never know who is living next door.

A fun read for 8-10s but not many laugh out loud moments. Makes you want to eat chocolate.

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