Time Travelling With a Hamster, Ross Welford

Now this one is interesting and I’m fascinated to know what the girls make of it. The whole plot hinges around the idea of time travel. Time travel of course is notoriously tricky from a plot perspective and quite difficult to explain any ‘scientific’ rules you try to apply to the idea. I think Ross Welford has achieved a air of simplicity in explanation but I wonder what a ten year old (or eight year old) would make of it. It’s also written in the first person which is unusual for childrens books. As an adult I loved this – again I want to hear what the others think.

16797431_10154372116647919_8043934493688047010_oThe story is a good one. Pye, Al’s father, has died and Al needs to use all his ideas and resolve to try and go back and change history. The idea of going back and meeting your parent when they were a child is a classic and appealing one. There are genuine plot surprises that make it an intelligent yet funny read. The characters are excellent, especially Al’s fabulous Grandpa Byron which his fascinating mind palaces and Indian heritage.

I could tell I was going to love this one from the first few pages. I hope the girls feel the same.


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