Witch Switch, Sibeal Pounder; illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson

We first came across the Witch Wars series when I was looking for a good but easy to read story to pop on my kindle for bedtime on holiday. The first book is all about a competition to become Top Witch in Ritzy City. It is our introduction to Tiga Whicabim who doesn’t realise she’s a witch and lives “above the pipes”. This is quite a simple read and a silly story involving different types of girl witches and accompanying fairies, a bunch of competitive tasks and baddy witches trying to win at all costs. Quite fun.

Witch Switch is number two in the series and both girls rattled through it themselves. Tiga’s friend disappears and the hunt is on to find her. There is a little bit of time travel and a lot of witch fashion plus we meet Tiga’s pet slug for the first time. All very silly but evidently real page turner.

17016954_10154381345687919_4208325222521185018_oPhoebe is currently so into the main character that she’s her costume of choice for World Book Day – although if anyone knows who she is meant to be I will be very surprised because the books aren’t what you’d call classic – simply fun.

I have to say though, I am getting a little jaded by all this witch focus everywhere but Phoebe is very taken with it at the minute and that’s what counts. Witch Watch (number three) is on Phoebe’s wish list already.


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