The Person Controller by David Baddiel, Illustrated by Jim Field

Paul read this one to Phoebe and I often heard her laughing from downstairs so it has to rate pretty highly on the ‘making an eight year old laugh’ front.

16836062_10154381345682919_7213720260277330363_oTwins Fred and Ellie order a controller for their games console. They think is just pretty and covered in jewels, but it’s much more than that. Imagine if you could control your life as if it were a computer game.

This must have been a funny book because when asked her to review it Phoebe told me lots of anecdotes from the story while giggling. Comedy highlights include the dad getting a remote control stuck up his bottom and their mum accidentally making dad do ninja kicks on the cat while trying to watch Cash in the Attic.

Being a football fan helps with this book, but she enjoyed it despite not knowing who Lionel Messi is.

They did think that the book as a whole is perhaps a little predictable. They both felt the ending and the morals to the story were a bit too obvious. But then school bullies have to get their comeuppance in children’s stories somehow.

Humour wins out though because Phoebe gives it 9/10.

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