Little Manfred, Michael Morpurgo; Illustrated by Michael Foreman

Goodness me Michael Morpurgo has written an awful lot of books about the war.

IMG_1751I quite liked this one which seems to have been inspired by a small toy dog at the Imperial Way Museum. It’s a story of two children who meet an elderly man on the beach who turns out to have a strong connection to their home. As his story of war comes out we discover where the little dog came from.

This is a fast easy read, ideal I would think for the classroom. There is a difficult and emotional couple of chapters towards the end but they are necessary to explain a little of the horror of war and the importance of human connection.

A small heartwarming story from a horrible time, again suitable if studying WW2 but I’m not sure my girls would be keen on this one they seem to have moved away from wanting to read about this period in history at the moment.

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